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Nova Han is one of the nation’s lead visionaries and producers in the immersive experience industry. Nova is the Creative Director AEG/ Live Nation’s world-class Electric Forest Festival which is a 2x winner of XLIVE’S “Best Production Design” for festivals globally. 

Her works have also been featured at the Official Grammy’s Celebration, Coachella, Superbowl, and festivals world wide. She has provided works and entertainment for artists such as the Black Eyed Peas, Deadmau5, and Shpongle and has been the Creative Director for The String Cheese Incident since 2010.

I was absolutely honored to be able to help Nova take her lifetime of creative work and create a intuitive, fast loading and easy to navigate website effectively sharing over 1600 event photos.

It was a daunting task, organizing, compressing, and using ai to upscale many images from the past, but throwout it all, I was continuously left in awe by all of the amazing experiences Nova has created over the years.

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The primary goal was to design and develop a clean, modern and fast loading website, effectively showcasing Nova Han's unbelievable career and her remarkable work in event production.



The creation of has simplified the way clients, fans, and talents interact with Nova Han Productions. The website provides a fast, sleek, and user-friendly platform, facilitating engagement and participation from a wide audience.

Key Features

Immense & interactive Portfolio: Cataloging Nova's lifetime portfolio of some some the most spectacular events of our generation.

Talent Application/Management System: A simplified custom application to allow talent to apply and Nova and her team to access and organize the talent roster.

Full documentation & Training: full documentation and training videos for all aspects of the site and talent management system.

Photo Optimization: Ai optimization, upscaling, compressing, editing and formatting thousands of photos.

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One of the application I was the most excited to build with Nova was the Talent Management System.  Nova works with such a large range of world class talent, this seemed to be not only the most interesting but also very complex thing we could tackle that created friction in her work flow.

The Talent Management System was a complex endeavor, aimed at optimizing the workflow for managing a vast and diverse array of world-class talent. The challenge was to address the friction points in Nova's talent management processes, making them more efficient and streamlined.



The system's intelligent automations and streamlined processes have simplified daily operations, enhancing productivity and allowing more focus on talent development and engagement.

Key Features

Talent Application Portal: This feature offers a unified platform for talents to apply, showcasing their unique skills, acts, and specific requirements. It provides a standardized and user-friendly interface, ensuring a smooth application process.

Advanced Notification System: Developed to include Email, SMTP, G-Suite integration, and a comprehensive Talent Management Dashboard. 

Talent Management Dashboard: A sophisticated tool designed to efficiently organize, evaluate, and search through a large talent database. It offers intuitive navigation and robust querying capabilities, facilitating better talent oversight and decision-making.

Training & Staff Access: Comprehensive documentation and secure staff login credentials are provided, granting access to essential information while maintaining confidentiality and data integrity.

Automated Contracts & Paperwork: Streamlining administrative tasks, this feature automatically generates talent contracts and relevant paperwork, reducing manual effort and enhancing accuracy.