A Little about Jacob and his experience directly related to the project

I’m a blend of creativity and complex systems.  I find joy in the most abstract artistic forms of expression, and also in developing tools and technologies driven by data, process and organization.  No matter the medium or space I’m creating in, I continuously bring innovation, unwavering passion, and infinite ideas to the projects and organization I choose to work with.

You’ll find me free sharing what I’ve learned by hosting meetups and in the hushed corners of private member clubs, I really try to do my part in shaping the future of decentralization and inspiring the creators of tomorrow.

My creative spectrum is infinite — ranging from the nuanced facets of community design to the elusive realms of web3 and decentralization. I craft immersive experiences that are an enthralling blend of celebration, art, community, music, technology, education, wonder and a hint of revolution, ensuring they linger in hearts and minds long after the moment has passed.


Perched on 145 acres of artistic wonder is Everland – a space not just to see, but to experience. As the Director of Innovation, I was at the helm of orchestrating an application that encapsulates the entirety of this immersive art park. From room bookings to inculcating new visitors into our ethos, the app was a digital testament to real-world experiences.

The challenge? Crafting a seamless conduit between a venue, art park, retreat and a logistical framework.

The outcome? An all-in-one platform handling merchandise sales, ticketing, inventory, community engagement, rentals, expenses, liability wavers, inventory feedback, and so much more, all whilst ensuring the core essence and user experience of Everland wasn’t lost in translation.

Camp Decentral

With Camp Decentral, our mission was clear but intricate: How do you unify the heartbeats of a cultural revolution with the synapses of technology? As part of the colossal Annyhasina village, we catered to an enthusiastic 150-strong community, guiding many high profile novice burner from the web3 sphere into the heart of Burning Man’s ethos. The solution? A camp management system that transcended mere logistics. This platform championed fluidity, transparency, and above all, the joy of the Burn.




the “Blockhaus” art car, a 40-foot-long and 30-foot-tall behemoth of design and utility. With a self-contained shower and sauna, this was more than just a vehicle; it was a moving marvel on the Playa. My contribution? Developing utility NFTs for fundraising and spearheading operations and talent acquisition for this amazing artcar.

Dao Portal

Dao Portal is an “everything a Dao needs in one Place” platform of 57+ hyper-connected Dao Tools that cover virtually every aspect of managing, growing and creating value with a Decentralized Autonomous Organization. We aim to create a intuitive, simple, valuable and fun Dao experience for members of the Dao and the original founders.





Decentralized Accounting






IRL Underground & 87 Foundation

Private member clubs demand a fusion of exclusivity and inclusivity. With IRL Underground and the 87 Foundation, the aim was to cultivate a space where strangers, bound by a shared vision, could forge deep connections. Through a harmonious blend of culture and tech, we laid the groundwork for magic to happen and lasting friendships to take root. I built the private member club technology that technology that makes all this possible.