December 21, 2023 - News

Let’s make some dollars together!

If you’re someone who loves networking and knows people in need of top-notch services, this is your chance to make a significant earning through our Fatty Commission program. I am offering a generous 10% finder’s fee for connecting me to potential clients in a range of services. Let’s dive into what I offer and how […]

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December 19, 2023 - Development Non-profit

Donation Platform v3.0

As a board member of Joy’s Kitchen, a non-profit dedicated to addressing food insecurity and waste, I recently had the opportunity to attend a donor meeting that left me profoundly inspired. This encounter sparked a burst of creativity and dedication, leading me to revamp our Donation Platform. I’m thrilled to announce that after several days […]

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December 12, 2023 - Ai

Ai is wild.

As an AI enthusiast and developer, I’ve been deeply involved in the realm of artificial intelligence since my introduction to ai with my tool Alfred v1, launched in 2019. This simple bot marked the beginning of my journey, and it blows my mind to see how far ai has come. The Evolution from Alfred v1 […]

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