December 19, 2023 - Development Non-profit

As a board member of Joy’s Kitchen, a non-profit dedicated to addressing food insecurity and waste, I recently had the opportunity to attend a donor meeting that left me profoundly inspired. This encounter sparked a burst of creativity and dedication, leading me to revamp our Donation Platform. I’m thrilled to announce that after several days of focused development, Version 3.0 is almost ready for release!

Transforming Donations with Technology

Joy’s Kitchen has always been about making a tangible difference in our community and currently feeds over 20,000 people per month. My goal is to push the boundaries of how technology can amplify the impact of every donation.

Here’s a sneak peek into some of the exciting features in V3.0:

Live Donation Impact Report

Now, donors can see the real-time impact of their contributions. Our platform vividly illustrates the pounds of food rescued, the cost of food, the number of meals produced, and even the carbon offset resulting from each donation. This feature brings donors closer to the cause, showing them the immediate effect of their generosity.

Seamless Donation Options: PayPal and Venmo

Understanding the need for convenience in our fast-paced world, we’ve integrated PayPal and Venmo into our platform. This means donors can contribute directly using their preferred payment methods. Importantly, every donation made via these channels is still tracked within Joy’s internally accounting and donation tracker systems.

Community Fundraiser Creator

One of the most exciting additions is the Community Fundraiser Creator! It enables our community members to set up their own fundraising campaigns. They can define a purpose, set a goal, and receive a custom link to share with friends and family. This tool also creates a Fundraiser Profile, allowing everyone to track who’s donating and when the goal is reached. It’s a powerful way to engage our community and harness collective efforts for a greater cause.

Donation Matching!

To add an extra layer of incentive, the platform now offers an option for donation matching. This can be set up in three ways: matching per dollar raised, per donation made, or upon reaching a set goal. This feature is designed to encourage more giving and to double the impact of donations.

Creating technology that supports non-profits like Joy’s Kitchen is not just a task for me; it’s my purpose. I thoroughly enjoy harnessing the power of technology to make a real difference in the world. If you are involved in a non-profit doing impactful work and need a bit of technical assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out at

Stay tuned for the launch of Donation Platform V3.0! (I need a better name)